Spokane Public Library Partners with Index Data to Adopt FOLIO

SPOKANE, WA – September 1, 2020 – Spokane Public Library announced today that it has chosen to partner with Index Data to help the Library adopt FOLIO. The Library aims to go live on FOLIO in the first half of 2021. 

FOLIO (an acronym for the Future Of Libraries Is Open) is an open source project that is reimagining library software through a unique collaboration of libraries, developers and vendors. It moves beyond the traditional library management system to a new paradigm where apps are built on an open platform. The apps-on-a-platform paradigm provides libraries with more choices and reduced development costs for delivering new services to users. The FOLIO platform includes core functionality found in current library management systems and is extensible, allowing libraries to meet ever-changing needs over time.

Robert Roose, Support Services Director for Spokane Public Library states, “We are embracing FOLIO for several reasons, but among the most important is the control and flexibility it provides, as an open source platform. Given Index Data’s role as architects and developers in the FOLIO community, their assistance was an obvious choice, not to mention that we’ve heard tremendous things about working with them. We’re excited!”

Mike Gorrell, Director of Index Data, noted, “We are honored to work with Spokane Public Library and their team on migration, self-hosting and support. We’re looking forward to sharing our expertise and helping them leverage FOLIO’s capabilities. It is especially exciting as they are the first Public Library to adopt FOLIO.” 

About Spokane Public Library

Spokane Public Library is a community of learning. We look to build cooperative networks for sharing knowledge and opportunity and be the resource for free learning opportunities for all citizens. The Library provides community groups and businesses with cutting edge resources to meet their goals in addition to providing its community with opportunities for personal enrichment.

About Index Data

For 25 years, Index Data has been building market-leading open source software relied on by libraries and service providers. As the lead architects/developers behind FOLIO’s novel design, Index Data has a unique understanding of the platform and offers hosting, migration, and customization services for libraries looking to adopt the FOLIO LSP. Index Data is also a key stakeholder in Project ReShare, a community-owned, open platform for resource sharing. Together, we’re building the library platform of the future. To learn more about Index Data, visit www.indexdata.com.


For more information, please contact:

Mike Gorrell

Director, Index Data