Let’s face it, there’s not too many people out there that love to clean. Sure there may be aspects that you enjoy – the end result for one, but for the most part cleaning is something that we all need to do and not many of us, including myself, really like doing it. Over the years I have found ways to make it more fun and now I’m going to share those tips with you.


If you’ve been paying attention you know that I love me a good podcast or a great beat and I am sure I am not alone here. Listening to something you enjoy always makes the time go by faster no matter what you are doing, cleaning not excluded. So blast those tunes and dance along while you clean. You’ll have the job done in no time and will be happier for it.


Santa had the right idea about making a list and checking it twice. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a bit Type A meaning I like everything neat and organized. There is something very satisfying about making a list of cleaning to-do’s and checking them off once they are completed. This allows me to prioritize what needs to get done and I always feel good when that list is done. Sometimes I even give myself a little reward, like my favourite treat or a manicure. Lists don’t work for everyone but if you are list maker go for it!


Okay, you may be thinking “Melissa, are you nuts? Working out and cleaning? That does not sound like fun!” but I assure you, my friends, it is! These may be two tasks you don’t enjoy doing (at least I don’t) but somehow when you combine them they both become way more tolerable and I am going to say it – FUN! Try lunging every time you move the vacuum or squats as you bend down to clean low surfaces. Also, it is fun to know that cleaning burns calories, just check out this chart:

Calorie burning activity 15 min 1 hour
Carpet sweeping, sweeping floors
39 156
Cleaning, heavy or major, vigorous effort
Including washing car, washing windows, cleaning garage
34 136
43 170
Multiple household tasks all at once, light effort
26 102
Multiple household tasks all at once, moderate effort
43 170
Multiple household tasks all at once, vigorous effort
51 204
Cleaning, house or cabin, general
34 136
Cleaning, light
Including dusting, straightening up, changing linen, carrying out trash
26 102
Washing dishes
While standing
22 88
Washing dishes and clearing dishes from table
With some walking
26 102
43 170


There are all sorts of cleaning games you can play, whether it’s against yourself or others. For those with a competitive spirit this is the fun-maker for you! You can set a timer and see how much you can get done in that amount of time – picking stuff up, cleaning a part of a room, or putting dishes away and then try and beat that time or compete against someone else. Remember to reward the winner, even if you are the only one playing!


I don’t know about you but whenever I get something new I am always itching to try it out and the same goes for cleaning products and tools. And when I like using something I tend to want to use it all the time. By using products that work well and tools that make your job easier it takes the guesswork out of cleaning and makes it all the more enjoyable.


I always enjoy cleaning that much more when Chad and I do it together. We chat, sing along to our favourite songs and joke around. It makes the time speed by and I get to spend time with someone I like. Find someone you like to hang out with and get them to clean with you, it can by a kid, a friend, a spouse or anyone who’s willing to participate and have some fun with you. If you have kids teach them the basics of cleaning and get them to do little jobs alongside you. No matter who you choose to clean with just remember to enjoy each other’s company.


Nobody likes doing the same thing for too long even if it’s your favourite thing in the world. Set yourself up for success by taking regular breaks and doing something you really enjoy. Even if it’s for five minutes to call someone and catch up or to take the dog for a walk. By breaking it up it makes the task more fun and gives you something else to look forward to once that designated time is up.

I hope these tips help to make your cleaning time more fun. Let me know if you use any of them and please tell me in the comments down below what you do to make cleaning fun.

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  1. I set up my Ipad in the room and play the corresponding video from your list. I stop the video to do each step, until I get the routine memorized. 🙂

  2. I listen and practice some of you tips, ”i self kick my B…” For me you’re like a psychiatrist to help me with the choars of every day, Please forgive my English since it’s not my first language, fench is, just to say thank you for your videos

  3. Sometimes I time myself like I’m being paid so want to do a good job but pretend my friends are waiting in the car for me. Stupid, but works most of the time.

  4. List making–I’ve been known to add something to a list after I’ve completed it, just so I can cross it off. 😉

    Taking breaks–unfortunately, if I break my momentum, I’ll never get back to it.

    But the other tips are great.


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