Rarely, I’ll get inspired to clean out an area in my home that really, truly needs it. My kitchen cupboards were the most recent benefactor of this inspiration; it was time to deal with the scattered spices, expired flour, useless gadgets and old teapots (and um, everything else).

I decided that I’d go through half of my kitchen (the ‘bad’ half) and sort things out. I cleaned off my kitchen counter and started with the uppers. I pulled the contents of each cupboard out, cleaned the cupboard itself with some all-purpose cleaner, sorted through the items and tossed anything that was expired or donated anything I didn’t want anymore, and then put the cupboard contents back in neatly. I then repeated this for the lower cupboards including the spice drawer and cupboard underneath the sink.

Watch the video for tips and inspirational ideas, and of course, to see how it was done!

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  1. Though, this is not my job as my wife does it well; but still I guess my expectations are high. I always find some mistakes and in the end, I get into the organizing thing into the kitchen. The above suggestions are well said and useful. Not all, but will implement some!

  2. Thanks again for doing a great job of taking us with you as you do a job we all need to see an expert do! You’re the best.
    I appreciate you and Clean My Space!!

  3. Cabinet above our fridge is part “graveyard” and part “okay, let’s put that there until we need it!” Well, see for yourself. Pretty pitiful. LOL
    I would try to explain more, but what’s the point? It’s sort of a pain to get to, so usually it’s out of sight, out of mind stuff. Very top of fridge isn’t much better. I haven’t used that cupcake holder in years, but it cost me like 30 bucks, so I keep the thing. And who knows, maybe I’ll get on another baking kick at some point.
    I’m about to get some new bamboo cutting boards and will be dumping the plastic/whatever ones.
    Other kitchen cabinets are a lot more organized, so that’s something I guess!

  4. InThe space above the fridge I have two bins that have batteries and a fist aid kit and medicines (cold, stomachache, etc) also light bulbs. I also use the space above the stove to put items for baking ( which I don’t do very often. Do you intentionally leave that empty ? And since I have kids I put in there my guillotine (to cut potatoes and different vegetables ) yesterday I cleaned a space of my cupboards – I re organized a space to create an area for breakfast and tea and coffee ???? Thank you for all the helpful tips -! I love Clean my space !

  5. I just cleaned my cupboards and added some Interdesign clear organizers to put similar items in one bin, i.e. Tea bags, coffee, filters. I was able to organize small items and make more space available.

  6. Great job! How long did it take you to do that? As for the cupboards above my fridge, since they’re inconvenient, I keep old thermoses and Mason jars on one side. The other side is open for the cats to use as a lookout cubby *sigh*.

  7. It has been a long time since I’ve cleaned my kitchen cupboards 😀 I have no excuse since my kitchen is so much smaller than yours!


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