We’ve come a long way, baby! We discovered a deep appreciation for our home in 2020. It became our safe space, and our office space. And with so many family members occupying one space (all together, 24/7), our homes became a very dirty space, very quickly. It was immediately clear that COVID-19 cleaning was a whole different ballgame.

Whether we were used to having an extra set of hands to help with the cleaning prior to lockdown, or just petrified at the thought of germs, we were all forced to roll up our sleeves and tackle cleaning like never before.

COVID-19 Cleaning Techniques

We learned how to clean for our family’s health and safety. Healthier habits were adopted, we adjusted our expectations, and learned where to spend on cleaning supplies, and where to save. We learned about cleaning things we hadn’t even owned a few weeks before the lockdown. We researched how to clean face masks, and we even learned how to clean our cleaning supplies. (Because March was a weird time, folks.)

The Value of Good Hygiene

We learned fascinating stats, like the National Sanitation Foundation discovering something one million times worse than E. coli on 75% of dish sponges. We also watched this video about germs so many times, we started leaving the house dressed like this:

And when we rolled into a bank, dressed like Naomi, and asked for $1000 in twenties and the teller didn’t bat an eye (but insisted we sanitize our hands, twice), we knew the world had changed forever.

Cleaning for Pleasure During COVID-19

In lockdown, cleaning became something to do (when we were desperate for anything to do). Organizing areas of our home became a form of lockdown BINGO. You learned how to fold bedding, decluttered every inch of your home, and revamped your fridge in a single day? BINGO!

Peace Out, COVID-19

And at the end of it all (and the end is in sight), we can take solace knowing we’ll never have to spend this much time in our homes again. (Even if it means they’ll never be this clean again).

Thanks for welcoming Clean My Space into your lives (we know how cluttered life can be, so we appreciate the real estate). We wish you all a healthy, happy and highly sanitized holiday season!

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