Anyone who follows Clean My Space knows that we love making our own cleaning products! These DIY solutions save time and money, are safer than most store-bought products, and with the addition of essential oils, they leave your house smelling amazing as well! This is a great question from Laura:

How long do homemade cleaning products last? For instance, if I make 32 ounces of general-purpose cleaner, will it last a week, or a month, etc.?

Melissa Says:

Well Laura, from the point of view of quantity, it depends on how quickly you use them. I have yet to meet the person who would get through 32 ounces of general-purpose cleaner in a week. Even if you use it for daily clean-ups AND a weekend top-to-bottom cleaning spree you’ll be hard-pressed to use all 32 oz. I guess what I’m saying is, how long it lasts depends on how often you use it! But 32 ounces should last a good long while.

Then there’s the issue of how long the homemade products will be effective for. You’ll notice throughout my book, in my videos, and on my website, that I will occasionally make note of preparations that must be mixed up fresh, and then tossed when finished. One example would be with anything that contains lemon juice. I love lemon juice for its degreasing qualities, and its ability to clear away soap scum and limescale (not to mention you can’t beat its fresh scent). But lemon juice will go rancid. So, it’s really a one-time-use product and actually the reason I opt for vinegar in most cases. Preparations with hydrogen peroxide, too, will break down quickly and lose their effectiveness, which is why I say to toss the remainder of my (super-effective) Tub, Tile, and Grout Cleaner after using it. That being said, most products will work great for at least 3 months after mixing them up. Still, I find it easiest to mix up just the amount that will fit inside my spray bottles. I prefer not to be storing large bottles of excess product in addition to the spray bottle that I’m actually using for cleaning.

Good luck!

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